Dear Guests,
I welcome you to our country Greece, our island Kefalonia , to Lara hotel and I wish you a good and memorable stay.

I wish to inform guest who honored Lara hotel with their presence in the past, as well guests that make us honor for the first time, that the hotel is now under new ownership and management.

What is also new, is our perception of hospitality, service, facilities, products, anticipated or not, something that returning guests will excitedly find out, while along with the first time visitors will have the opportunity to experience what Greeks mean, when we “open up our house door”.

Nevertheless, all of the above have been achieved to a possible extend, since, as you can understand, despite our greatest and best of intentions and efforts, the time available to implement all of our desired plans, was minimum.

As of the coming year 2020, we will be having plenty of news, which we are already looking forward to sharing with you.

Until then, enjoy now your holidays and I personally, as well as all the Lara hotel staff, commit to contribute the most to this.

Venetia Parisi


heart shaped fire

Every week we are having one or two type of Greek nights.One with four kind of grilled meats  ( all prepaired here and grilled in our BBQ next to the pool ) such as fillet pork chops,chicken leg chops, chicken fillets,burgers and local sausages.Also,  Briam,a local food,tzatziki, Greek salad, green salad and season’s fruits. Eating starts at 2030 hrs. All these are self served and every one can eat as much he likes!all dancingdancing tricksDSC_0630

    At 2100 hrs local dancers perform their programme of traditional Kefalonian and Greek dances while after, dancers call everyone  participate in dancing, and the evening goes on with dance , laughter and drink, singing “OPA” and joy. In  the second type of Greek night, we offer grilled “tsipoura” fish ( fresh seabream ) and the necessary followers like eggplants “IMAM – BAILDI”, red-roots-salad, Greek salad, green salad, potatoes baked in the oven, and fruit.