Dear Guests,
I welcome you to our country Greece, our island Kefalonia , to Lara hotel and I wish you a good and memorable stay.

I wish to inform guest who honored Lara hotel with their presence in the past, as well guests that make us honor for the first time, that the hotel is now under new ownership and management.

What is also new, is our perception of hospitality, service, facilities, products, anticipated or not, something that returning guests will excitedly find out, while along with the first time visitors will have the opportunity to experience what Greeks mean, when we “open up our house door”.

Nevertheless, all of the above have been achieved to a possible extend, since, as you can understand, despite our greatest and best of intentions and efforts, the time available to implement all of our desired plans, was minimum.

As of the coming year 2020, we will be having plenty of news, which we are already looking forward to sharing with you.

Until then, enjoy now your holidays and I personally, as well as all the Lara hotel staff, commit to contribute the most to this.

Venetia Parisi




Right in front of the hotel starts a road, of 800 meters in length, that has been recently asphalted (2003) and is connected with the east side of the beach. Follow this path and when it turns right to the beach, turn left to the unpaved path. After about 30 meters, the path becomes uphill. Where the hill ends (10), if you don’t follow the road, cross the field right in front of you and walk for about 20 meters.

The view you will see will amaze you since from this slope you can see Lourda beach, Trapezaki and the beach of Spartion as well as the small port where the ferry boat leaves for Zante. Turn back and follow the unpaved path. After 80 meters you will pass a dry waterfall (9), and right after it the path goes straight and to the right. If you follow the straight path, after about 2 km. you will arrive to the monastery of Sision (8).If you turn right, after about 100 meters the path leads you to: A) A straight dead end. B) the left side after 200 meters that will bring you to a small winery / hostel. The owner of the hostel has built a ladder on the cliff. C) where you can, carefully, descend to a wonderful isolated beach that you can enjoy all alone since the ladder is the only way to access it. You can go there either on foot or by Jeep car. 2) If you decide to visit the village from the hotel, after 150 meters turn left to the spring of the village. Right across starts an uphill path that passes in front of the church of the village, and after 100 meters (14) turns right, just at the edge of the cliff that was created thousand years ago by the subsidence of the ground, and from where the view is amazing. If you follow the path for 200 meters, on the 4th point you can turn right, and after the narrow downhill path you will see the 2nd point of the road that crosses the hotel. If you don’t turn right to the 14th point and continue straight ahead, then after 300 meters you meet a crossroads• if you go straight, you will follow the central road in the village of Simotata, and if you turn left, you will meet the beautiful church of Agia Paraskevi that was built during 18th century (16). If you turn left to the 15th point, then the uphill path will lead you close to the cemetery of Vlachata.

3. Beach of Trapezaki. If you want, by following the points of 11a and 12 along the beach, you can reach the beach of Trapezaki (18) that is a smaller, and with shallow waters in the bay of Lourdas. If you don’t want to turn from the same route, you can follow the road and meet the crossroads (19) that lead straight to the village of Mousata, and to the left side to the village of Karavados, and to the right side, after about 2km to Lourdata.